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Anamorphic fungi (mitosporic fungi)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Species aggregate)

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Brady, B.L., 1983 Exophiala jeanselmei
Brady, B.L., 1983 Exophiala pisciphila
Brady, B.L.K., 1980 Gibellula pulchra

Generic guides

Barnett, H.L. & Hunter, B.B., 1972 Illustrated genera of Imperfect Fungi
Barnett, H.L. & Hunter, B.B., 1998 Illustrated genera of Imperfect Fungi
National Plant Diagnostic Network Microfungi Workshop Manual National Plant Diagnostic Network Microfungi Workshop Manual

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Fungi s.l.

Further Information

Notes (MWS) This is a purely artificial classification (some would call it a "dumping ground") for fungi where the stage that produces sexual spores is not formed or is unknown). Over the years, members have been gradually reclassified as laboratory cultures have yielded the sexual states. More recently DNA studies have superseded this and the classification will eventually disappear. Nevertheless "anamorph" remains a useful descriptive term for the asexual states of fungi.
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