(spore shooters, ascomycete)

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Fruitbody - terminal chaetae (Click to view)
Class 1 illustrated subtaxa 3 ident. refs
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Species 1 ident. refs
Pycnidia (Click to view)
Anamorphic Species
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Form genus 1 illustrated subtaxa
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Sporophores - in situ (Click to view)Thallus (Click to view)Conidia (Click to view)Bispora state  on cut Beech stump (Click to view)Conidia (Click to view)Lesion - close-up (Click to view)Fruitbody - top view (Click to view)Thallus - moist (Click to view)Conidiomata - moist (Click to view)Fruitbody - excavated and lain down (Click to view)Conidia (Click to view)Fruitbody - conidiophores (Click to view)Thallus (Click to view)Apothecia - side and top views (Click to view)Perithecia along either side of leaf nerve (Click to view)Apothecia (Click to view)Fruitbody - dried (Click to view)Fruitbody (Click to view)Infected apothecia - close-up (Click to view)
Subphylum 1,798 illustrated subtaxa 1,742 ident. refs
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Subphylum 4 illustrated subtaxa 6 ident. refs
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Asci (Click to view)
Subphylum 11 illustrated subtaxa 12 ident. refs
Conidia (Click to view)
Anamorphic Species 1 ident. refs
Pycnidia on leaf - close-up (Click to view)Leaf spot (with ?early pycnidia) - from top of leaf (Click to view)Pycnidia on leaf spot (Click to view)Plant with infected (yellowish) leaves (Click to view)Pycnidia (Click to view)Conidiomata (Click to view)
Informal 85 illustrated subtaxa 120 ident. refs
Infected leaf - top surface - close-up (Click to view)Sporodochia - in situ - close-up (Click to view)Fungus (Click to view)Conidiomata (pale) on Hypoxylon (black) (Click to view)Spotted leaf - under surface (Click to view)Mouldy myxomycete sporocarps (Click to view)Synnemata - moist - lateral view (Click to view)Dematiaceous hyphomycete conidiophores (Click to view)Orange coating (Click to view)In situ (Click to view)Fungus (Click to view)
Informal 152 illustrated subtaxa 238 ident. refs
Fruitbody (Click to view)
Informal 337 illustrated subtaxa 818 ident. refs
Taxonomic hierarchy:
PhylumASCOMYCOTA (spore shooters, ascomycete)
KingdomFUNGI (true fungi)
DomainEukaryota (eukaryotes)
LifeBIOTA (living things)

Identification Works

BioInfo ( has 2,336 general literature references relevant to ASCOMYCOTA (spore shooters, ascomycete)

ASCOMYCOTA (spore shooters, ascomycete) may also be covered by identification literature listed under the following higher taxa:

BioInfoBioInfo ( has 19,480 host/parasite/foodplant and/or other relationships for ASCOMYCOTA (spore shooters, ascomycete)
Except for a handful of larger species, microscopic examination is always required to identify ascomycetes. Staining is often necessary to make hyaline tissues and spores visible - the question is what stain to use: as a rule of thumb: if it has asci, use Melzer's Iodine; other hyaline structures can be stained with Congo Red. Anamorphic fungi generally stain well in Cotton Blue, although dematiaceous hyphomycetes generally need no staining.
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