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Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

AUCHENORRHYNCHA (a suborder of bugs)
CICADOMORPHA (a superfamily of planthoppers), eg: Philaenus spumarius quadrimaculatus (a cuckoo-spit insect) - Adult - dorsal view FULGOROMORPHA (a superfamily of planthoppers), eg: Issus coleoptratus (a beetle bug) - Latero-dorsal view
Suborder 18 subtaxa 27 ident refs
HETEROPTERA (true bugs)
Cimicomorpha (an infraorder of bugs), eg: Miris striatus (Fine Streaked Bugkin) - Dorsal view - in situ Gerromorpha (an infraorder of waterbugs), eg: Aquarius najas (River Skater) - Dorsal view Leptopodomorpha (an infraorder of bugs), eg: Halosalda lateralis (a shorebug) - Female - dorsal view Nepomorpha (an infraorder of waterbugs), eg: Hesperocorixa linnaei (a lesser waterboatman) - Dorsal view Pentatomomorpha (an infraorder of bugs), eg: Aelia acuminata (Bishop’S Mitre Shield-bug, Bishop's Mitre) - Male - dorsal view
Suborder 138 subtaxa 104 ident refs
STERNORRHYNCHA (a suborder of bugs)
ALEYRODOIDEA (whiteflies), eg: Aleurotuba jelinekii (Viburnum Whitefly) - Pupae - dorsal view - close-up APHIDOIDEA (aphids), eg: Phyllaphis fagi (Beech Aphid) - Aphids on underside of leaf COCCOIDEA (scale insects, coccids), eg: Aulacaspis rosae (Scurfy Scale, Rose Scale) - Colony PSYLLOIDEA (jumping plantlice), eg: Trioza centranthi (a jumping plantlouse) - Galled plant
Suborder 58 subtaxa 70 ident refs
Unidentified Hemiptera (Unidentified Bugs)
Homopteran bug with parasite - front three-quarter view

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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Stored product pests

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