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Microdon myrmicae Schönrogge et al., 2002 (a hoverfly)

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Gammelmo, O. & Aarvik, L., 2007 The myrmecophilous fly Microdon myrmicae Schönrogge et al., 2002 (Diptera, Syrphidae) in Norway

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Further Information

Notes (MWS) A very localised species almost restricted to wet heaths in Surrey, the New Forest and east Dorset.

The species was only recognised as distinct from *M. mutabilis* in 2002 by comparison of pupae. The adults are indistinguishable but *M. mutabilis* is believed to be confined to Scotland, so records from southern England can be assumed to relate to the present species.

Like other members of the genus the larvae develop in ants' nests, in this case those of *Myrmica scabrinodis*.
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