BioImages - Notes on Imaging

The following relates to my experiences with early methods of digital imaging (up to c. 2002). With modern digital cameras, photography is far easier and the results so much better. These observations are retained for historical interest.

The early images on this site were taken using several different pieces of equipment. Each has its strengths and weakness so is more appropriate for some types of subject than others.

BlackWidow Flatbed Scanner.

Pixera tethered Digital Camera, with macro lens on bellows or on microscope.

Nikon CoolPix 950 Digital Camera

Black Widow 9630SP flatbed scanner
Nikon CoolPix 950
Pixera + OM-1 macro lens on bellows
Pixera + Tessar macro lens on bellows
Pixera + Meiji microscope with 0.7 times eye-piece objective
Scanned Print
Transparency scanned on Black Widow 9630SP flatbed scanner with trannie hood