BioImages - Notes on Transparencies

Several thousand photographs on the BioImages site are scanned transparencies.

Most of my transparencies are on Agfa CT18 film which has good colour but large grain and poor detail. The slides were scanned on a Minolta Dimages Scan Dual II (AF-282OU) slide scanner and then scaled down for the web. The main problem I had with it was pale pink stripes which may have been due to dust on the lens.

Some people use dedicated slide scanners for scanning small objects, eg insect wings and the results are impressive. Nikon advertise the high-end CoolScans for scanning microscope slides though I've rarely heard of anybody doing this and not seen any results. It's an interesting idea because scanning technology works differently from whole imaging so depth of field may be greater.

The above text relates to my own personal experience and is offered in good faith. It does not constitute a recommendation.