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DINOPHYCEAE Fritsch, 1927 (dinoflagellates)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Class)

GONYAULACALES Taylor, 1980 (an order of protozoans) Order  
CERATIACEAE Kofoid, 1907 (a family of protozoans) Family  
Ceratium hirundinella (O.F. Müll.) Dujard., 1914 (a dinoflagellate) Species 1 ident refs
GYMNODINIALES Lemmermann, 1910 (an order of dinoflagellates) Order  
GYMNODINIACEAE Lankester, 1885 (a family of dinoflagellates) Family  
Unidentified Gymnodinium (Unidentified Gymnodinium Dinoflagellates) Unidentified  
PERIDINIALES Haeckel, 1894 (an order of dinoflagellates)
PERIDINIACEAE (a family of dinoflagellates), eg: Glenodinium cinctum (a dinoflagellate) - Cell
Order 1 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

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The Dinoflagellates of the Northern Seas
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Horner, R.A., 2002 (common marine planktonic forms) Taxonomic guide to some common Marine Phytoplankton

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