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HEXAPODA (insects and other 6-legged organisms)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Subphylum)

ENTOGNATHA (springtails, proturans and diplurans)
COLLEMBOLA (springtails), eg: Anurida maritima (a springtail) - Dorsal view
Class 9 subtaxa 11 ident refs
INSECTA (true insects)
APTERYGOTA (bristletails, silverfish and firebrats (primitively wingless insects)), eg: Unidentified Dilta (Unidentified A Genus Of Bristle Tails) - Female - dorsal view, with droppings and shed scales PTERYGOTA (bees, beetles, dragonflies, flies, grasshoppers, moths and other winged insects), eg: Saturnia pavonia (Emperor Moth) - Female adult - dorsal view
Class 3135 subtaxa 2912 ident refs

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