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APIALES (umbellifers, ivies and pennyworts)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Order)

APIACEAE (umbellifers)
Aegopodium podagraria (Ground Elder, Ground-elder, Goutweed, Bishop’S Weed), eg: Aegopodium podagraria (Ground Elder, Ground-elder, Goutweed, Bishop’S Weed) - Flower Aethusa cynapium (Fool’S Parsley), eg: Aethusa cynapium (Fool’S Parsley) - Plant Angelica (a genus of flowering plants), eg: Angelica sylvestris (Wild Angelica) - Swollen leaf base containing developing umbel Anthriscus (a genus of umbellifers), eg: Anthriscus sylvestris (Cow Parsley, Keck) - Plants - in situ Apium (fool's water-cresses, marshworts & celeries), eg: Apium nodiflorum (Fool’S Water-cress, Fool's-water-cress) - Emergent plant Berula erecta (Lesser Water-parsnip), eg: Berula erecta (Lesser Water-parsnip) - Plant Bupleurum (thorow-waxes and hare's-ears), eg: Bupleurum baldense (Small Hare's-ear) - Plant - in flower - top view Carum verticillatum (Whorled Caraway), eg: Carum verticillatum (Whorled Caraway) - Leaf - basal - apex - close-up Chaerophyllum (chervils), eg: Chaerophyllum temulum (Rough Chervil) - Umbel - centre - top view - close-up Conium maculatum (Hemlock), eg: Conium maculatum (Hemlock) - Plant Conopodium majus (Pignut), eg: Conopodium majus (Pignut) - Plant Crithmum maritimum (Rock Samphire), eg: Crithmum maritimum (Rock Samphire) - Plant - close-up Daucus (a genus of flowering plants), eg: Daucus carota subsp. carota (Wild Carrot) - Fruiting umbel - top view Eryngium (eryngoes), eg: Eryngium maritimum (Sea Holly, Sea-holly) - Flowers - top view - close-up Falcaria vulgaris (Longleaf), eg: Falcaria vulgaris (Longleaf) - Plant - in situ Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel), eg: Foeniculum vulgare (Fennel) - Plant - young Heracleum (hogweeds), eg: Heracleum mantegazzianum (Giant Hogweed) - Marginal flowers - close-up Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely), eg: Myrrhis odorata (Sweet Cicely) - Flowering in a band along roadside in the Yorkshire Dales. Oenanthe (Bot.) (water-dropworts), eg: Oenanthe silaifolia (Narrow-leaved Water-dropwort) - Partial umbel - underside showing bracteoles Pastinaca sativa (Wild Parsnip), eg: Pastinaca sativa var. sativa (Wild Parsnip) - Flowers Physospermum cornubiense (Bladderseed, Cornish Bladderseed), eg: Physospermum cornubiense (Bladderseed, Cornish Bladderseed) - Leaves Pimpinella (burnet-saxifrages), eg: Pimpinella saxifraga (Burnet-saxifrage) - Plant - close-up Sanicula europaea (Sanicle), eg: Sanicula europaea (Sanicle) - Flowers Silaum silaus (Pepper Saxifrage, Pepper-saxifrage), eg: Silaum silaus (Pepper Saxifrage, Pepper-saxifrage) - Plant in meadow Sison amomum (Stone Parsley), eg: Sison amomum (Stone Parsley) - Plant - side view Smyrnium (alexanders), eg: Smyrnium perfoliatum (Perfoliate Alexanders) - Cauline leaf - upper side Torilis (hedge-parsleys), eg: Torilis nodosa (Knotted Hedge-parsley) - Cauline leaf - underside Trinia glauca (Honewort), eg: Trinia glauca (Honewort) - Plant - with fading flowers and young fruit - close-up
Family 44 subtaxa 16 ident refs
ARALIACEAE (ivies and angelica trees)
Fatsia japonica (Fatsia), eg: Fatsia japonica (Fatsia) - Plant Hedera (ivies), eg: Hedera helix subsp. helix (Common Ivy) - Close-up
Family 4 subtaxa  
HYDROCOTYLACEAE (pennyworts) Family 2 subtaxa  
Hydrocotyle L. (pennyworts)
Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (Floating Pennywort), eg: Hydrocotyle ranunculoides (Floating Pennywort) - Floating leaves - in situ Hydrocotyle vulgaris (Marsh Pennywort), eg: Hydrocotyle vulgaris (Marsh Pennywort) - Plant
Genus 2 subtaxa 2 ident refs
PITTOSPORACEAE (pittosporums) Family 1 subtaxon  
Unidentified Pittosporum (Unidentified Pittosporums)

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