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SYRPHINAE (a subfamily of hoverflies)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Subfamily)

Bacchini (a tribe of hoverflies)
Baccha elongata (a hoverfly), eg: Baccha elongata (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view - wings apart Melanostoma (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Melanostoma scalare (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view - wings together Platycheirus (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Platycheirus albimanus (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view
Tribe 9 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Paragini (a tribe of hoverflies) Tribe 1 subtaxon  
Paragus Latreille, 1804 (a genus of hoverflies)
Genus 1 subtaxon 1 ident refs
Syrphini (a tribe of hoverflies)
Chrysotoxum (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Chrysotoxum bicinctum (a hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view Dasysyrphus (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Dasysyrphus venustus (a hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view Epistrophe (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Epistrophe eligans (a hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view Episyrphus balteatus (Marmalade Hoverfly), eg: Episyrphus balteatus (Marmalade Hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view - wings apart Eupeodes (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Eupeodes luniger (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view - wings apart Leucozona (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Leucozona glaucia (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view Melangyna (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Melangyna umbellatarum (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view Meliscaeva auricollis (a hoverfly), eg: Meliscaeva auricollis (a hoverfly) - Male - head - lateral view Parasyrphus (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Parasyrphus punctulatus (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view Scaeva (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Scaeva pyrastri (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view - wings apart - close-up Sphaerophoria (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Sphaerophoria taeniata (a hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view Syrphus (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Syrphus ribesii (a hoverfly) - Female - dorsal view Xanthogramma (a genus of hoverflies), eg: Xanthogramma pedissequum (a hoverfly) - Male - dorsal view
Tribe 32 subtaxa 5 ident refs

Suggested Literature

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