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POLYGONACEAE (docks and knotgrasses)

Subtaxa (ie subgroups of this Family)

Fallopia Adans. (a genus of knotweeds)
Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian Vine, Russian-vine), eg: Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian Vine, Russian-vine) - Flowers and foliage Fallopia convolvulus (Black-bindweed), eg: Fallopia convolvulus (Black-bindweed) - Plant Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed), eg: Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) - Flower spike - in bud
Species 6 subtaxa 6 ident refs
Persicaria Mill. (knotweeds)
Persicaria amphibia (Amphibious Bistort), eg: Persicaria amphibia (floating-leaved form) (Amphibious Bistort - Floating-leaved Form) - Plants - in situ in lake Persicaria bistorta (Common Bistort), eg: Persicaria bistorta (Common Bistort) - Inflorescence Persicaria hydropiper (Water-pepper), eg: Persicaria hydropiper (Water-pepper) - Nutlets Persicaria maculosa (Redshank), eg: Persicaria maculosa (Redshank) - Plant Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort), eg: Persicaria vivipara (Alpine Bistort) - Bulbils Unidentified Persicaria (Unidentified Knotweeds), eg: Unidentified Persicaria (Unidentified Knotweeds) - Plant - in situ
Form 6 subtaxa 1 ident refs
Polygonum arenastrum Boreau (Equal-leaved Knotgrass)
Polygonum maritimum L. (Sea Knotgrass)
Leafy shoot
Rheum x rhabarbarum L. (rhubarb)
Species hybrid    
Rumex L. (docks)
Rumex acetosa (Common Sorrel), eg: Rumex acetosa (Common Sorrel) - Flowers Rumex acetosella (Sheep's Sorrel), eg: Rumex acetosella subsp. acetosella var. tenuifolius (Narrow-leaved Sheep's Sorrel) - Plant Rumex crispus (Curled Dock), eg: Rumex crispus (Curled Dock) - Plant - in situ Rumex cristatus (Greek Dock), eg: Rumex cristatus (Greek Dock) - Inflorescence and bracts Rumex hydrolapathum (Water Dock), eg: Rumex hydrolapathum (Water Dock) - Plant Rumex obtusifolius (Broad-leaved Dock), eg: Rumex obtusifolius (Broad-leaved Dock) - Plant Rumex sanguineus (Wood Dock), eg: Rumex sanguineus var. sanguineus (Blood-veined Dock) - Young plant - in situ Rumex scutatus (French Sorrel), eg: Rumex scutatus (French Sorrel) - Leafy shoots - side view
Species 11 subtaxa 2 ident refs

Suggested Literature

Identification Works

Akeroyd, J.R., 2014 Docks and Knotweeds of the British Isles (ed 2)
Lousley, J.E. & Kent, D.H., 1981 Docks and Knotweeds of the British Isles (ed 1)

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